NEW! Concortis is pleased to offer Fmoc-Gly3-Val-Cit-PAB (catalog Nr. H1001), a cleavable linker for the enzymatic conjugation of payloads to antibodies under very mild conditions with precise control of the conjugation site

Fmoc-Gly3-Val-Cit-PAB (H1001)

We also offer Gly3-Val-Cit-PAB coupled to various toxins. For more information please enquire at or 858.922.6730.

About us

At Concortis, we interface complex synthetic chemistry with antibody research providing our clients with the latest technologies and comprehensive services to advance ADC projects from discovery to IND. Our ADC platform encompasses:

  • ADC screening tools
  • Bioactive molecules (toxins) for research and as cGMP grade
  • Optimized linker-toxins
  • Conjugation services
  • ADC toxicity screening
  • Homogenous conjugation methodologies
  • ADC optimization & processing

Concortis has developed multiple proprietary technology platforms to transform biologics such as antibodies, proteins, and peptides into therapeutics that are more efficient and have fewer side effects than traditional treatments.

Concortis' platforms include next generation antibody drug conjugate (ADC), tumor-targeted drug delivery, and next generation payloads. We use versatile linkers, functionalized carriers proteins, biocompatible polymers, and highly potent small molecule toxins in the execution of our platforms. These mechanisms combined with our proprietary conjugation chemistries distinguish our technologies from traditional methods.