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The New Frontier in Cancer Therapy

Concortis Biotherapeutics was established to focus on developing next generation antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) to address unmet medical needs. Currently, we have approximately 20 ADC programs in preclinical development, and in 2017, we plan to enroll patients in four clinical trials. Our mission is to be the leading developer of next generation “first-in-class” and “best-in-class" ADCs. 


Antibody Drug Conjugate Technology

Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) are a new type of targeted cancer therapy. They covalently connect potent cytotoxic drugs (referred to as toxins) to antibodies or antibody fragments via chemical linkers, providing a means to increase the chemotherapeutic targeting of the drug to cancer cells. ADCs also have reduced side effects, compared to traditional treatments, because targeting cancer cells specifically leads to fewer drugs affecting healthy cells.

Concortis has developed a core ADC technology platform that sets a new industry standard for ADCs and will transform biologics such as antibodies, proteins, and peptides into therapeutics that are more efficient. Using our ADC technology, G-MAB™ antibody library, proprietary toxins, and K-Lock™ and C-Lock™ conjugation methods, we create a comprehensive technology platform that supports our scientific research, focusing on ADCs for targeted cancer therapy.



As the industry leader in developing next generation antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), our technology sets a new standard. Our robust pipeline of antibody-based therapies is designed to address significant, unmet medical needs in the community.